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Photography & Videography

I Am Manouk quint.

I work as a freelance photo&videographer for 5  years, now.

And since a while now also as an allround creative. 

Me in a Nutshell:

I love to create Content Story's in all kind of creative ways. 

I did parachute jumping with my dad when I was 10 

I love to write poems since I was 11, I joined Poezie for Dinner when I was 22,

we organized dinners in restaurants and we performed with obscene poems.

I set up a Fashion-meets-Art-brand; Noot Amsterdam - The Walking Gallery in 2015

As a kid I draw all the families from our neighborhood completely naked and I kept them in a ring binder and made paper clothes for them. 

Travelled to many countries, I love to dive in new cultures and meet people from all over the world.

I spend 9 months in Australia, 3 months in Africa and I lived in Barcelona for a year recently. 

We did a Fundraising Exhibition • Meet the Kids •  in 2017

with our photo's of Africa to raise money for the children.

One of my first shoots was a trip with Recruit a Student to the Olympic Games in London in 2012. 

to create and be able to make photo's is my true passion.

 I am the oldest of four children, raised in Breda (South of Netherlands)

Besides making photo's, video's we also create Social Media plans, content plans, strategics and we do Website Design. Therefor we created a new website where everything melts together!

See you there!





Area of expertise:

Wedding / Food / Interior / Lifestyle / Travel / Corporate / Music / Art / Events / Portraits / Concepting / Branding / Content creating / SOCIAL MEDIA


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